Gearing up for Fall and Winter

This morning I woke up to fall. Our bedroom window is cracked and a crisp breeze is blowing in; a 180 degree switch from yesterday’s heat. A few leaves have even blown through the window onto the coverlet. Today I’ll be gearing up for an Oregon fall/winter by brainstorming new craft ideas and heading over to the Polish Festival/Alberta St for some food, dancing (polka anyone?) and merriment. Then onto a friend’s house for boardgames and pizza. Fall is my most favorite season because of the cool breezes, the leaf color explosions and the onset of crafting. I find that a wet Oregon fall and winter are best conquered with homemade soups, sewing, embroidering, felting and reading. My recent crafts include:

Inspiration: Felt Flowers, Twine Light Covers, Bunting, Necklace Display


Catching Up

From Left: Ashley Roth, Ashley Horn (Visiting) and Me

New Years, 2009 was in London. Icy icy London. Andy had left his passport on the plane in London so we didn’t catch our planned connection to Dublin. Luckily we were allowed into London and that’s where we stayed for 10 days. My good friend Ashley lives there so we connected with her and had a freezing cold wonderful time.

This time Ashley came to visit the US and I got to spend a couple great nights with her and a bunch of other college friends. It was high time for a reunion and I feel so much better heading into this week with a weekend full of renewed friendship behind me.

I’ve spoken to Andy a bunch about the difficulty in making adult friendships. We no longer have the easy conveniences of living in huge houses surrounded by other college students who are on the same page in their lives. We’re settled into our one bedroom now and it’s sometimes a real struggle to maintain friendships with the fast moving current of work and school sweeping us along. However, Andy is totally people oriented and makes it a big priority to spend a few nights out of the week fostering friendships by making meals together, playing board games, brewing beer, watching football etc.

This weekend showed me that even though I haven’t seen/spoken with many of the college friends I saw for a couple years, it was easy to jump back into our friendship. I am glad because of it. Winters in Oregon can be icy cold, dark and wet but having a house full of friends around makes it bearable. We’re thinking a housewarming after Thanksgiving.