Priced out of Goodwill

Ugh. I just walked in and right back out of Goodwill due to insanely high prices. One pair of used shoes I liked was $29.99, the next $49.99. I almost gagged. When did this happen? I can no longer afford Goodwill. The drug addled woman shopping next to me looked me in the eye as I was grumbling about the pricing and said, “You want those shoes? I’ll buy you those shoes.” I excused myself walking backwards and trotted out the door.

While Andy and I were in Spain, we were amazed that thrift stores did not exist. People would leave their old belongings next to the trash bins and others would pilfer through them. It was fun, but wasteful. While I was there, I proudly thought back on all the different thrift stores the U.S. has to offer. Now I’m not so sure. I love to thrift, but I think Goodwill needs to seriously reconsider their pricing model. They get most of their goods for free. I know there is overhead, but give me a break!