The Beach

Andy in the Living room.

Much of my time at the beach was spent struggling with the free internet so I could check work email and get stuff done. Outside of that, I read, built a sandcastle (with tunnels!) and explored the sands/tidepools around Cannon Beach. The beach was always thick with fog in the mornings and then became warmish by the middle of the day. We had a fire pit in the front yard we took advantage of to stay warm at night. The beach house itself was very nicely done, if not filled to the brim with beach-themed stuff. It felt like staying in someone’s well-loved home. There was also a population of bunnies living around the area that we fed, chased and admired.

Shortly before we left, Andy and I went through the closet and got together a few bags of clothes to take down to Buffalo Exchange and a couple bags of books to take to Powells. We got some cash and traded in our books to purchase one I’ve been wanting for awhile: Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills. The book is overflowing with information on living closer to the land starting with buying land and covering harvesting plants and animals and everything in between. We read a bit of it and dreamed up the perfect place to live. It’s an interesting read with a lot of practical information. I also finally finished Lolita, which is good since it’s almost due back to the library. Lolita was a good book to read at the beach because it sucked me in almost immediately and I had to take breaks to pull myself out of the delusional/hyperrealistic perspective of Humbert Humbert. I only knew the gist of the story before reading it and I’m glad. Parts were so erotic that I felt a little embarrassed reading it in public and other parts were completely heartbreaking. I thought the writing style was phenomenal and the characterization precise. I highly recommend this book. The last book I read was a gift called Girl in Translation. It was very similar to Angela’s Ashes or Glass Castle in much of the tone and story but it was still fresh and new because of the New York setting and the language hurdle the principal character faces. It was a pretty quick read, especially after Lolita, but it was nicely paced and I loved the explanation of Chinese sayings. Overall, a very good book written by the right person. I’m intrigued in learning more about Buddhism after getting a taste of it through the main characters.

Andy and I drove back into town on Tuesday so he could go to his grad school class but other than that, we hung around the beach with each other, a couple friends and our families.