Last Gasp of an Oregon Summer

This morning we woke up early to harvest hops at a friend’s house, brew beer and enjoy some sun. The morning started with Sam in a box and progressed to fiddling with crawdads in the Clackamas river while Andy and Ben did the hard work of harvesting.



On My Way to Crazy Cat Lady Status

I’m just saying, how could I not be?

Moved and A New Addition

We moved! It took seven hours and six people (thanks mom and dad, jeff and ben!) and a whole lotta minivan action to get the boatloads of our junk from northwest to southwest Portland. I am in love with our new apartment though and it certainly helps that we’ve been joined by a fuzzball named Sam (Samson, Samuel Jackson . . . ). He’s a seven month old Maine Coon. He’s a huge snuggler and an absolute doll. We got him from a local rescue organization that ended up with him after someone threw him from a truck. Ugh. Luckily, his stellar personality seems unfazed by previous trauma as he spent all last night making biscuits on our duvet. Apologies for cell phone photos. Who knows where the camera is at this point? Soon we will be unpacked and ready for visitors. For now, we are busy romping around with this awesome new addition to our household.