Another Inspired Before and After

Love this! Thanks design*sponge.

I’d like to take this same idea and make something a bit more like this:

I have a plain desk in need  of a major facelift. I’m thinking a stencil of a woman napping on the top of the desk with her papers floating to the floor on the drawers. I like the idea of using a dark slate gray as the paint color but I need to get some new hardware for the desk. I also need to borrow my parent’s sander and wait for a day when the rain allows me to take over my apartment complex’s parking lot for the project. Speaking of which, the rain has forced me to drape my soaking jeans and socks and shoes around my office. I’m so glad I work out on my lunch break because I am in yoga pants!

Funny story about working out: I decided to try a new class called core center on Wednesday after work because Andy works late and I figured I would give it a shot. I planned the class out in my head with a lot of ab work and stretching. I figured it would be pretty similar to my tues/thurs Pilates class where I stretch and flex and generally feel good about myself. I was dead wrong. The first thing we did in core center of hell was a set of 10 crunches straight into 10 push-ups, a set of 10 bicycles and then 10 push-ups, 10 reverse crunches and 10 push-ups and then REPEATED it. I realized that I was in way over my head. We partnered up and I was the awkward kid at the back without a partner until another girl fessed up that she too was partner-less. We then squatted and crunched our way through sweat and an instructor that was yelling. I’m pretty sure there were a number of times when she yelled out that we were bring lazy and she made eye contact with me. And I just looked at her, deadpan. I was being lazy by her standards probably. But I’m also pretty sure she had just come from training Marines so I was ok with that. After our set, she told everyone to run a victory lap down and back up four flights of stairs. Four! I did it though. Got back and started over with a lot more jumping and squatting. Another victory lap. This time, head pounding and face beet red, I considered my options. That led me straight into the bathroom where I could hide out for a minute and peek out the door to guage my natural return into the line of limping fitness die-hards on their way from the stairs. Slightly more fresh-faced and less likely to vomit, I finished out the class with stretching and ab work. And today I could barely walk down the six stairs from our apartment. I guess my regular Pilates attendance has me sorely lacking on cardio fitness. Gotta work on that.


Grey and Yellow Bedroom

Design*Sponge does it again and presented another awesome before/after look. I love the colors and feel of this remodeled bedroom. I need to look into how to make the headboard! I really like the mismatched bedside tables as well. Grey and yellow are really stunning together. I would love to see more of what they did with the fireplace that you can see in the before photo.