Spring Sneak Peak

Portland felt like spring this weekend. We opened the windows in our apartment and drank the breeze in. We rode bikes, made applesauce and spent time with family. It was brilliant.


Last Night

Last night was another long walk up the hill from work in the pouring rain. Ever since we moved to the other side of Burnside, I’ve been walking to work. Downhill in the morning, up in evenings. It has also rained intensely hard the last few days, putting my walking to work dedication to the test. Luckily I have started a new rain tradition. Instead of being frustrated and wet, I have implemented my “authoritative first step” program. Some explanation is probably necessary at this point. When I wait to cross a street and my turn finally comes, I love to take a big first step out which I call the authoritative first step. I normally say it in my head as I do it. I explained this to Andy one time and he stared at me for a long time. Then he laughed. Regardless, I now use my big confident first step and pumping arms to power me all the way up the hill home in the rain. That way, even though I am dripping and soggy, my heart is racing from the exercise and I feel like I’ve defeated the rain on my own terms. If I were to run for office, my platform would be based on the authoritative first step.

Catching Up

From Left: Ashley Roth, Ashley Horn (Visiting) and Me

New Years, 2009 was in London. Icy icy London. Andy had left his passport on the plane in London so we didn’t catch our planned connection to Dublin. Luckily we were allowed into London and that’s where we stayed for 10 days. My good friend Ashley lives there so we connected with her and had a freezing cold wonderful time.

This time Ashley came to visit the US and I got to spend a couple great nights with her and a bunch of other college friends. It was high time for a reunion and I feel so much better heading into this week with a weekend full of renewed friendship behind me.

I’ve spoken to Andy a bunch about the difficulty in making adult friendships. We no longer have the easy conveniences of living in huge houses surrounded by other college students who are on the same page in their lives. We’re settled into our one bedroom now and it’s sometimes a real struggle to maintain friendships with the fast moving current of work and school sweeping us along. However, Andy is totally people oriented and makes it a big priority to spend a few nights out of the week fostering friendships by making meals together, playing board games, brewing beer, watching football etc.

This weekend showed me that even though I haven’t seen/spoken with many of the college friends I saw for a couple years, it was easy to jump back into our friendship. I am glad because of it. Winters in Oregon can be icy cold, dark and wet but having a house full of friends around makes it bearable. We’re thinking a housewarming after Thanksgiving.

The Portland Streetcar

Each weekday morning, I leave the house at 7:23am to catch the streetcar at 7:39am. I walk from my apartment at 23rd and Glisan to 10th and Glisan so I can ride in the fareless zone. The ride to PSU takes about 10 minutes. If I miss the streetcar, it’s faster for me to walk the rest of the way to work instead of waiting for the next streetcar to arrive.

I like my morning tradition and I enjoy riding the streetcar. However, the streetcar is closed for the next couple weeks as a part of the expansion over to the se side of Portland. While closed, a shuttle bus is running more or less the same route. And this morning, the shuttle bus went quite a bit faster than the streetcar. So why do we have a streetcar?

I’ve spoken with a few people about this and the best answer I’ve heard thus far is that it significantly increased property values along it’s path when it was first installed. This seems like a dubious explanation for a multi-million dollar project. Most people agree that the streetcar is only slightly faster than walking. Without digging deeper, that’s all I’ve got on this.

The Apartment Hunt

Apartment hunt could be over . . . Applied for this beauty on SE 12th along with Barbara, Andy’s newly graduated sister who is becoming a nurse. 1200 sq feet and there’s only four units so the entire bottom left porch would be our’s! So excited!

Go Portland Go

Spotted at Re-Nest. Portland’s former Metro Council President David Bragdon is moving to NY Mayor Bloomberg’s office as the new Director of the Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability. Go Portland Go.


I like seeing local initiatives like this one to bolster the Portland economy. This weekend I hung out with a few different friends and as usual, economic issues became a talking point for everyone. As 20-somethings who have struggled to find jobs, talking about the economy is a stale subject and yet constantly on our minds. Andy noted that Portland is the type of place people want to live, so they move here sans job. And that perpetuates the high unemployment numbers in the Portland area. But I would rather live in a city people move to because they love it and want to be a part of it. I think if more people who love Portland buy locally, we could really do a lot for PDX jobs! ( Says the girl who spent a fat wad this weekend at IKEA to update the apartment, more on this later . . . )

June/July 2010: Images