Sasquatch 2010: Video



Last night we went to Costco with our friend Dan to snag some oversized goodies for our trip to the Gorge Amphitheater this weekend. Now we are well-stocked on soy chocolate milk, trail mix, salmon burgers and apples. We are heading out Friday afternoon to Sasquatch Music Festival and then back on Tuesday morning. It will be the longest time away from work I’ve had thus far. A real vacation! I won the tickets a few months ago from a radio station and almost died of happiness because of the awesomeness of winning something. Literally, I don’t think I did any work that day because I was so excited! The concert line-up includes several bands I’m pretty excited about seeing (Band of Horses, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Kid Cudi) and I think I’ll find some new bands to enjoy while I’m there. I’m snagging some ear plugs from work since the parties supposedly rage on all night and I know that I’m going to need to sleep at some point. I’m also bringing sunscreen because the weather should be nice and we’ll be in the desert. Still have to clean up the apartment, get some laundry done, make a lasagna to take and get packed. Not leaving until tomorrow afternoon though. Plenty of time. Riiight. Anyways, I think it will be a good time with a few funny stories to tell so I will try and document as best I can to come back and share.