Saturday Morning Project

Here’s the plan:

To create this:

Only I’m going to do a series of three small paintings. What a great idea! Andy and I have been contemplating using a bunch of my big canvases on a larger size painting but small ones take me so damn long, I practically gave up before even starting. This will not take too long and it’s awesome. I’m thinking three canvases. Yellow, red and green with the same gray in between. Must start planning design ASAP.


Quilt Inspiration

Quilt Made from Muji Map Handkerchiefs Hi + Low

040510-muji-quilt.jpg Abby, of the site Hi + Low, took four of Muji’s city map kerchiefs – representing Paris, New York, London and Tokyo – and stitched them together to create this beautiful quilt for her baby boy.

I am growing more and more interested in quilt designs that are generated from found items.