Surfing the Interwebs

My main method to surfing through the great and overwhelming interwebs has been previously discussed as google reader. I can’t get enough of that blog aggregator. It is my organized method of tackling information chaos during my breaks throughout the day. This morning I took the time to organize my reader and discovered some interesting things about myself. My main areas of interest are as follows: Design, DIY, Food, News, Gardening, Sewing, Humor, Art/Insight. I have spent the last couple months reflecting on my future and the career path I’m interesting in pursuing beyond my current position. Based on my blog interests, I can picture some highly entertaining positions in my future: DIY Humorist Editor (regretsy anyone?), Designer of garden quilts, Artist specializing in food. We’ll see where I end up. For now, I have a lovely new layout to read my blogs.


The Joy of Google Reader

In Spain, I did a lot of internet surfing. I worked 12 hours a week. I didn’t have a TV. I used the internet for most of my noon hour entertainment on the days when I wasn’t at a cafe. When my then roommate Stephen turned me onto google reader, I was extremely

hesitant about the whole thing. 1. I didn’t read blogs. 2. I didn’t think a “blog aggregator” would have a place in my life. I was wrong. It is now my go-to internet viewing experience. I diligently read new blog posts and I carefully consider the pros and cons of new blogs before I add them. There’s always a bit of a honeymoon phase after I add a blog in which I become a loyal reader and then I slack off, the number of unread blog posts increases and eventually I end my subscription amicably. If you haven’t gotten started on an aggregator, you should. I’ve figured out my trends already. If the posts are tiny blurbs that require me to click into to read, I get rid of them quick. If the posts are overly wordy on subjects I wished I cared about but don’t (breaking news, news analysis, politics) then I don’t even start reading them to begin with. The blogs I do enjoy:

TED Blog, BestWeek Ever, Huff Post, Smitten Kitchen, Design Sponge, decor8, Apartment Therapy, Pioneer Woman Cooks, PostSecret, FailBlog, Posie Gets Cozy, Wardrobe Refashion, This is Photobomb, xkcd

I tend toward design, humor, cooking and a splash of the news in my top blog selections.