My co-worker loves octopi and I think she is on to something:


A Gift From The Black Apple

Wow. Last night I got a gorgeous gift of a tote bag, book and postcards delivered via Andy from Emily of The Black Apple. I was totally overwhelmed with gratitude and when you check out her online shop, you’ll see why. The story starts here:

Andy was invited last weekend by one of his fellow graduate students Josiah to a game night to play the board game Arkham Horror. I won’t go into much discussion about the game except to say it took about an hour to explain the rules (!) and the whole time my eyes were focusing in and out on the multitude of scary critters that were bound and determined to eat us alive. Besides playing and/or being destroyed by the game, we ate tasty pizza and fresh, homemade pumpkin cupcakes and we spent a good nine hours talking with Josiah and his lovely girlfriend Emily about horror movies, the American education system and graduate school. We left at 3 am in the morning and went right home to look up Emily’s website and other projects.

Throughout our conversation, I kept admiring Emily’s fully-realized home decor and slyly leaning over and looking at her most recent project of Alice in Wonderland themed paintings. She also had a copy of her soon-to-be-released book entitled The Black Apple’s Paperdoll Primer that I got to flip through. I felt extraordinarily lucky to meet and hang out with an artist who has succeeded in navigating the world of professionally creating and selling art. That, combined with the awesome conversation and our narrow defeat of the harrowing demi-god from the board game, made for a terrific and unexpected night.

Now I have a collection of postcards that I would really like to display. I think the colors of this particular one would be perfect for a serene bedroom :

Perfect Night Light

I have found the perfect light to put on my night stand. I currently don’t love our light and it’s not so great for reading. A few of these would be amazing:

I could picture leaving one on for a romantic glow and turning on a few to read by. Must continue researching this option. The etsy store is here.