Surfing the Interwebs

My main method to surfing through the great and overwhelming interwebs has been previously discussed as google reader. I can’t get enough of that blog aggregator. It is my organized method of tackling information chaos during my breaks throughout the day. This morning I took the time to organize my reader and discovered some interesting things about myself. My main areas of interest are as follows: Design, DIY, Food, News, Gardening, Sewing, Humor, Art/Insight. I have spent the last couple months reflecting on my future and the career path I’m interesting in pursuing beyond my current position. Based on my blog interests, I can picture some highly entertaining positions in my future: DIY Humorist Editor (regretsy anyone?), Designer of garden quilts, Artist specializing in food. We’ll see where I end up. For now, I have a lovely new layout to read my blogs.


Building a Vertical Garden

This summer, I helped my mom rip out a holly tree and a cherry tree that were overtaking her deck and replaced it with a vertical shade garden. The original idea came from A Kate Offering. We changed it by using 2x12x12 cedar planks and 4×6 center posts on edge. The project cost was estimated at $350-400 which included all of our own labor. We transported the wood, dug the post holes, poured the concrete and put the darn thing together. The garden needed 8 large bags of potting soil and possibly more after it settles. But, the hard work made a tremendous difference in the backyard area. The privacy was maintained between my parent’s house and the neighbors and the structure should last a good long time. Here are the results:


To Create, Or Not

Design Sponge has another exciting before and after that’s really got me thinking about the power of paint to create a new look for furniture. I am very seriously considering selling my whole bedroom set on craigslist and starting over with a couple funky dressers and some paint. This project captures exactly the feel I’d like to create: