Gearing up for Fall and Winter

This morning I woke up to fall. Our bedroom window is cracked and a crisp breeze is blowing in; a 180 degree switch from yesterday’s heat. A few leaves have even blown through the window onto the coverlet. Today I’ll be gearing up for an Oregon fall/winter by brainstorming new craft ideas and heading over to the Polish Festival/Alberta St for some food, dancing (polka anyone?) and merriment. Then onto a friend’s house for boardgames and pizza. Fall is my most favorite season because of the cool breezes, the leaf color explosions and the onset of crafting. I find that a wet Oregon fall and winter are best conquered with homemade soups, sewing, embroidering, felting and reading. My recent crafts include:

Inspiration: Felt Flowers, Twine Light Covers, Bunting, Necklace Display


Quilted Fantasy

Despite the fact I haven’t quilted in a long time, I’m perpetually interested in the art and astounded at this piece today.

From Any way you slice it: Quilts and other works by Denyse Schmidt
October 21 – December 3

At the University of Bridgeport’s Arnold Bernhard Center Gallery

French Braid

Tried a french braid before going to Pilates only to be met with total success! Big win for me. Now after working out my hair will possibly look cute. We’ll see. I’m pretty excited about it though.

Also hoping to find some cool twine to try this project today:

Also found this awesome blog today: Awful Library Books . Totally entertaining. Check check   check it out.