Butternut Heaven

Made this tonight. If you make it, you will not regret it. Delicious.


Versatile Blogger

My friend Sara awarded me this lovely little blog award and now I am going to tell you seven things about me and pass it along . . .

1. I started blogging to document my travels to Ghana and Spain during the year after graduation.

2. I started loving blogging after I looked back on my previous entries and dove right into the situations I had found myself in. Riding tro-tros, running from elephants, teaching moments, contemplating the future . . .

3. I think blogs are frustrating because there’s a constant sense of self-censorship. My audience includes my grandparents, parents, friends and random internet passer-bys so sometimes I can’t use the blog as a totally honest journal. I just can’t reveal my deepest thoughts and deeds to the entire internet population. And don’t even get me started on discussing work issues on a blog.

4. I have been dating Andy for 5 1/2 years and we are still discovering interesting new things about each other. I’m in no rush to get hitched.

5. I love eating Trader Joe’s frozen quiches for lunch at work. I buy them in multiples every time.

6. My biggest pet peeve is long toenails.

7. I dream about having a bigger kitchen so two people can actually fit in it at the same time. However, I learned to cook in a totally outdated kitchen in Spain where the oven was lit by match and had two settings: Hot and Slightly Less Hot. I think I secretly like crappy kitchens. I can still make good food in them. It makes me feel like if I ever do get a nice kitchen, my cooking will be the best in the whole world.

Now to pass this thing on(I just read these, I don’t actually know the authors. If you do, then go ahead and let them know they’ve won!): Posy Gets Cozy, Smitten Kitchen, Decor8, Young House Love, 2000 Dollar Budget Wedding, All the Pretty Birds, Anna Maria Horner!

New Blog Find: Sprouted Kitchen

To be honest, I’ve been reading this blog for awhile but just today, I started scrolling back through all the recipes and realized how lovely they all are. I want to cook exactly like this woman. I’m starting tonight with my own veggie pot pie but I need to try one of her recipes very very soon.

New Blog Find

Rosemary Olive Oil Cake from 101cookbooks.com

I read so many blogs on a daily basis that sometimes I forget to look for new ones. Today I struck gold. 101cookbooks.com is a treasure of a blog with lovely photos, supremely intriguing recipes and good stories to read about cooking and food. That and she just got back from a trip to Portland so she’s reviewing great Portland eateries, which gives me a perfectly reasonable excuse to eat out a bit more and give some of the places she mentions a try!

Cooking for Two

Cooking for two is less of a challenge than cooking for one. When I was in college living with my great friend Rachael, I ate the worst food in my life! And I hated cooking for one. Now, in my apartment in Portland, I’ve built up a recipe box and a general knowledge base of food and cooking so I feel comfortable putting together a good meal. Yesterday I made falafel using a dried mix with an Indian food packet from Trader Joes served with spinach, orange bell pepper, and hummus. It was a good meal that filled both Andy and I up without leaving us feeling heavy. Tonight I put together the last of our smoked salmon we bought at the Farmer’s market in a burritto. I sauteed onions, mushrooms, bellpeppers with refried beans and a three bean mix. I put it together with whole wheat tortillas, cilantro, white cheddar, avacado, fresh onion and salsa. It was awesome! I’m excited to make breakfast burritos tomorrow and add in some eggs. Yum!