And it begins . . .

Blazers preseason game on Bought!


Basketball and Boyfriend

Andy loves the Blazers. He started up his love for them while we were in Spain last year and boy has he kept it up. I bought him tickets for four games for his birthday and we had a pretty good time going. He would love to have more tickets and will probably try to convince me that we should buy quarter season passes for next year. And I will list off all the reasons for why that is a terrible idea including, but not limited to, they are expensive, they take over your life, they require me to go to more basketball games. You see, Andy would want us both to have passes because “you’ve gotta have someone to go with”. I like basketball and I like Blazer’s basketball. I like it so much that I often look up from the book I’m reading or the thing I’m looking at online when a game is on. I even watch whole games when Andy has talked them up enough. However, I can not talk basketball with Andy. And more importantly, I refuse to fill my brain up with basketball/sports stuff that I would need to talk sports.

Andy reads blogs upon blogs about Blazers basketball and loves to talk about the players, trades, opponents etc. and I just do not understand. This probably makes me a bad person on some level when I glaze over and nod as he discusses (with himself, because I am not an active participant) the amazing free agent summer coming up. My face probably looks the same as when he starts explaining the intricacies of home brewing. Glazed. Confused but trying to hide it. Supportive in a non-committal kind of way. I will probably talk more about this when the Blazers start up again. For now, I am having a little celebration that the season is over and I can go on walks in our neighborhood and read my books in peace.