Surfing the Interwebs

My main method to surfing through the great and overwhelming interwebs has been previously discussed as google reader. I can’t get enough of that blog aggregator. It is my organized method of tackling information chaos during my breaks throughout the day. This morning I took the time to organize my reader and discovered some interesting things about myself. My main areas of interest are as follows: Design, DIY, Food, News, Gardening, Sewing, Humor, Art/Insight. I have spent the last couple months reflecting on my future and the career path I’m interesting in pursuing beyond my current position. Based on my blog interests, I can picture some highly entertaining positions in my future: DIY Humorist Editor (regretsy anyone?), Designer of garden quilts, Artist specializing in food. We’ll see where I end up. For now, I have a lovely new layout to read my blogs.


Saturday Morning Project

Here’s the plan:

To create this:

Only I’m going to do a series of three small paintings. What a great idea! Andy and I have been contemplating using a bunch of my big canvases on a larger size painting but small ones take me so damn long, I practically gave up before even starting. This will not take too long and it’s awesome. I’m thinking three canvases. Yellow, red and green with the same gray in between. Must start planning design ASAP.