A year in bed

Loving this idea. A couple tests out different mattresses for a year and they write about the experience. First review on a $13,000 mattress out today. That’s right. $13,000.


Slow Decorating and the 100 Things Challenge

After our whirlwind weekend including some pretty serious buys at IKEA for the apartment, I’m already feeling eager to get it all “right.” But I am not interested in getting more stuff.

That’s why I’m glad Andy texts me about things like this One Hundred Things Challenge. Interesting article by the Times about it here. I think one way to incorporate┬áthis into decorating an apartment is to take the advice from Apartment Therapy writer Leah Moss’s advice and decorate slowly.

Andy and I have gotten a lot of value out of the stuff we bought already, but I would like to keep decorating our apartment slowly in order to avoid super trends. I’ll post pictures of our updated place as soon as I can finish up a bit more cleaning and organizing. I’m realizing after clearing some stuff out that my design aesthetic is more minimal than I originally thought. I’m already feeling less apartment hunt pressure by clearing off some shelves.

Small and Cool via Apartment Therapy

Such an adorable cottage. Best attributes: the calm but functional living room, the cohesion throughout all the spaces and the yard! Click to access the whole house tour.

66 Things You Can Grow in a Container

Includes such wonders as: avocados, beets, grapefruit and hops. Being an apartment dweller until who know how long, I like to think about things I can grow in small spaces. Thanks Apartment Therapy!