Community Garden

A Community Garden is

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It was my first year of gardening and I was often disappointed in myself despite my best efforts. Gardening is hard work. Our garden was an inconvenient drive away, especially for someone who has grown accustomed to walking to work, walking to the grocery store and walking everywhere else. Watering was a challenge. Keeping the weeds at bay was a battle. Understanding when to put seeds in the ground was a guess at best. The weather was rarely cooperative. But once I was at the garden, I loved being surrounded by old growth trees in my 20×20 plot. It was a lovely escape from the city. It was always new. I wish I had gone more often but I look back on the experience and I’m happy with the results. We harvested squash, leeks, potatoes, carrots, raspberries, strawberries, arugula, lettuce and kale. A few things we planted never made an appearance. A few other things went crazy. Our final harvest looked a little something like this and was turned into vegetable broth and potato leek soup:

I might be starting a lifelong love affair with gardening despite how much of a b*tch it can be.


5 thoughts on “Community Garden

  1. Thank you! I’m working on a marketing challenge in grad school that involves getting 18-34s to start gardening. This is so perfect. I might contact you in the next day or so if we go the community garden route.

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