Building a Vertical Garden

This summer, I helped my mom rip out a holly tree and a cherry tree that were overtaking her deck and replaced it with a vertical shade garden. The original idea came from A Kate Offering. We changed it by using 2x12x12 cedar planks and 4×6 center posts on edge. The project cost was estimated at $350-400 which included all of our own labor. We transported the wood, dug the post holes, poured the concrete and put the darn thing together. The garden needed 8 large bags of potting soil and possibly more after it settles. But, the hard work made a tremendous difference in the backyard area. The privacy was maintained between my parent’s house and the neighbors and the structure should last a good long time. Here are the results:


2 thoughts on “Building a Vertical Garden

  1. This project has completed the hard work of this summer and the added benefit of more light in the living room. I never would have taken it on without your support, thank you. Now I need to design and make the bird houses for the top of those posts……..where did I leave my pencil & paper? Love You!

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