From Andrew Sullivan

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for this elaboration on an issue I’ve been feeling in my gut for the last two years. And this doesn’t even touch on the student loan numbers surpassing credit card debt.

The University Handstamp

A pseudonymous professor decries the college premium:

The college premium exists, unfortunately, but it’s an artificial construct. Colleges have inserted themselves squarely in the occupational world. Industry and academia march hand in hand to a song of credential inflation: young people who aspire to working at anything beyond fast-food assembly won’t get a look without the college diploma. Most B.A. degrees say little to employers in terms of specific skills; they are a marker, like a hand stamp that gains one entrance to a nightclub. They point to little more than a willingness to pay college tuition and complete degree requirements. Those lacking higher education find themselves ineligible for promotion, herded to lesser career tracks.

Yglesias believes college is in for a transformation on par with the one that has rocked the newspaper industry.

via The Daily Dish

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