Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior -Amy Chua


Wow. This article is one of the most interesting looks at cultural differences I’ve read in a long time. What an insight!

2 thoughts on “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior -Amy Chua

  1. Her kids will hate her when they get older for not letting them be kids and make the same stupid mistakes that all kids are supposed to make. Classic BF Skinner. This is a very sick woman. It is bad enough the Chinese are going to strangle our children economically n the future now they want to create a super race of zombieized children. Violin, Piano, ugh……………… what about close to 1 million other instruments ?

    She was very very creepy on TV this morning.

    I’ll bet she wears the pants in the family. Not even a peep out of he old man. She probably smacks him around. She looks like she has a ton of repressed anger.

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