Last Night

Last night was another long walk up the hill from work in the pouring rain. Ever since we moved to the other side of Burnside, I’ve been walking to work. Downhill in the morning, up in evenings. It has also rained intensely hard the last few days, putting my walking to work dedication to the test. Luckily I have started a new rain tradition. Instead of being frustrated and wet, I have implemented my “authoritative first step” program. Some explanation is probably necessary at this point. When I wait to cross a street and my turn finally comes, I love to take a big first step out which I call the authoritative first step. I normally say it in my head as I do it. I explained this to Andy one time and he stared at me for a long time. Then he laughed. Regardless, I now use my big confident first step and pumping arms to power me all the way up the hill home in the rain. That way, even though I am dripping and soggy, my heart is racing from the exercise and I feel like I’ve defeated the rain on my own terms. If I were to run for office, my platform would be based on the authoritative first step.

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