On the Bookshelf

Currently Reading: Looking for Alaska is about a socially awkward teen who moves to a boarding school and befriends his roommate Colonel, a boisterous, sexy and ultimately self-destructive young woman named Alaska and a shy Tatukami. They revolve around the energy that is Alaska and they’re pranksters, rule breakers and life-seizers.  The story is separated into two parts: before and after Alaska’s death. It is a poignant look at manic depression and the ways that teens deal with death. Last night I started in on the “after” section and Andy kept looking over at me making sure I was alright as I sobbed and read. It’s emotional for sure but highly recommended.

Currently Reading: It takes a bit of dedication to read Jonathon Safran Foer but Everything is Illuminated is one of my very favorites so I was glad my friend Rachael loaned me Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. The proximity of September 11th in the story is almost suffocating so it’s unlike anything else I have ever read. So far, the book has reeled me right in with it’s tender main character but I’m currently lost in the craziness of the grandpa’s story. I’m sure I’ll get pulled back in.

To Read: North of Beautiful was a typical Amazon recommendation based on other things I’ve liked so I swung by the library to pick it up. It looks like it will be a story about misfits who find love and a bit of fun. Sold!

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