The Walking Dead

The following post will touch on Myers-Briggs and Zombies, I promise.

Me as a newly-infected, but very much in denial, Halloween zombie.

Last week on Friday, my co-worker and I were talking with a faculty member who is currently using the Myers-Briggs test at a work-site in order for everyone to understand one another better. For those who don’t know, the Myers-Briggs test reveals information about your personality that can be used in inter and intra-personal relationships. It’s based on Jung’s psychological types. The last time I took the test was during my freshman year at University of Oregon, so I did it again (on a free site that is probably questionable in quality). But I did get similar results. I am Sensing and Judging and in the other two categories I am borderline: 51%Introverted and 48%Extroverted and 54% Thinking and 45%Feeling. My personality type is ISTJ which means I am decisive in practical affairs, a guardian of time-honored institutions and dependable.

But now we move to later in the day when Andy and I are watching the first episode of The Walking Dead on AMC. This show is 28 Days Later exactly. I liked the movie so I figured I would enjoy the show. It terrified me. Something about zombies is terrifying. That’s when I really got to thinking. Follow me here: My “guardianship of time-honored institutions” is threatened by zombies. Zombies kill society. There are no lines at the grocery stores, there is no waiting for the bus to go to work and there is no electricity or internet in the zombie world. This is a total breakdown of time-honored institutions in my book. My personality would not do well in the zombie apocolypse. I would probably cry so hard that the zombies would find me in the best of hiding spots and eat my face off. Which leads me to the following video:


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