On the Bookshelf

Recently Read: World War Z is a very thoughtful and complex version of the zombie story. It’s organized as a series of interviews with survivors throughout the world and their perspectives on the great zombie war that wiped out most of the human population. The interviews range from a brutal militarized leader in South Africa to a blind, aging Japanese man. It’s compelling in an unexpected way and some of the stories are so fascinating, that it’s a shame each interviewee only talks for a few pages. Highly recommended.


Recently Read: I’d heard William Maxwell’s So Long, See you Tomorrow was a gorgeous read so I checked it out from the library to give it a whirl. I was impressed. Maxwell writes simply but weaves complicated thoughts and situations into a totally believable story of a murder in Illinois in the 1920s. I would rate this book as an important one to re-read based on the subtle shifts in perspectives that are difficult to follow if you read through them too quickly. It’s a book to savor.



Recently Read: The House of the Scorpion is a book marketed as young adult but its themes certainly lean toward the adult. Its a science fiction tale in a world where clones and brain control have created the perfect, subservient workforce that growing mass amounts of opium requires. The protagonist is a clone of the ruthless dictator and his life may not be a valuable as he thinks. It’s a quick and sometimes brutal read for the young adult genre.

One thought on “On the Bookshelf

  1. I absolutely love House of the Scorpion and must have read it 4 times during middle and high school. So glad you read it. It’s definitely not just a kids book.

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