A Treehouse Hotel

Every fall while I was growing up in Salem, I would love to play outside. There are a handful of magnificent days in Oregon each year that are perfectly crisp in the morning and then heat up throughout the day until people dress in their summers and then as the sun goes down, all those bare legs and shoulders are caught off-guard by the freezing air. I live for those days. Today was supposed to be the last of them for awhile, but the sun is hanging on and I want to play outside.

One of my primary outdoor activities growing up was working on my fort. The fort was located in the backyard under the plum tree, behind the blackberry bushes and next to the neighbor’s rotting wood fence. It always smelled like damp leaves decomposing and I filled it with broken kitchenware from my mom and a great deal of imagination. I think this tree hotel in Sweden has the fort feel for grown ups and I would love to visit!

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