I’m finally moving. The new apartment is called Kingsbury Apartments at 760 sw vista. No pictures yet, but the street view is pretty indicative. It’s a little bit like a double studio but larger than our apartment now and the bed rolls under the bathroom so it feels very large. There’s lots of windows, a balcony (4th floor view!) and a walk-in closet. We can also get a cat!! We’ll move sometime early November so the excitement is really building.

2 thoughts on “Moving!

  1. Er… I am very confused by the phrase “the bed rolls under the bathroom” can you please explain this in a little more detail for those of us with less city-apartment living experience!?!

    • Well, instead of a Murphy bed that folds up, it’s more like a bed in a giant drawer that pushes into the wall. The bathroom has three stairs leading into it so it’s a bit elevated and the bed goes under when it’s pushed away. It is a bit odd. But cool!

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