New Couch

Across the street from our apartment here in NW Portland is a thrift shop I rarely visit. There’s no reason for me to not visit more, I just don’t. But when I see something in the window that looks cool, I like to stop by and check it out. I’ve seen a few sofas in the window that were attractive until I got up close (some funky stains going on, let me tell you).  But today the couch in the window turned out to be the one I am writing this post from. It’s comfy, microfiber brown goodness. And at $150, it was a major stealcompared to buying new: $1000 Troy Sofa from Crate and Barrel . . . score!

*Note- Although couch looks like this, the above is not my apartment. My apartment is never that clean and my apartment right now is a total disaster with old couch and new couch crammed into the living room. Lovely.


2 thoughts on “New Couch

  1. My roommate loves that thrift store. She stops by everyday on her way home from work. She has found some great stuff. That couch looks awesome:) good find!

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