Versatile Blogger

My friend Sara awarded me this lovely little blog award and now I am going to tell you seven things about me and pass it along . . .

1. I started blogging to document my travels to Ghana and Spain during the year after graduation.

2. I started loving blogging after I looked back on my previous entries and dove right into the situations I had found myself in. Riding tro-tros, running from elephants, teaching moments, contemplating the future . . .

3. I think blogs are frustrating because there’s a constant sense of self-censorship. My audience includes my grandparents, parents, friends and random internet passer-bys so sometimes I can’t use the blog as a totally honest journal. I just can’t reveal my deepest thoughts and deeds to the entire internet population. And don’t even get me started on discussing work issues on a blog.

4. I have been dating Andy for 5 1/2 years and we are still discovering interesting new things about each other. I’m in no rush to get hitched.

5. I love eating Trader Joe’s frozen quiches for lunch at work. I buy them in multiples every time.

6. My biggest pet peeve is long toenails.

7. I dream about having a bigger kitchen so two people can actually fit in it at the same time. However, I learned to cook in a totally outdated kitchen in Spain where the oven was lit by match and had two settings: Hot and Slightly Less Hot. I think I secretly like crappy kitchens. I can still make good food in them. It makes me feel like if I ever do get a nice kitchen, my cooking will be the best in the whole world.

Now to pass this thing on(I just read these, I don’t actually know the authors. If you do, then go ahead and let them know they’ve won!): Posy Gets Cozy, Smitten Kitchen, Decor8, Young House Love, 2000 Dollar Budget Wedding, All the Pretty Birds, Anna Maria Horner!

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