I like seeing local initiatives like this one to bolster the Portland economy. This weekend I hung out with a few different friends and as usual, economic issues became a talking point for everyone. As 20-somethings who have struggled to find jobs, talking about the economy is a stale subject and yet constantly on our minds. Andy noted that Portland is the type of place people want to live, so they move here sans job. And that perpetuates the high unemployment numbers in the Portland area. But I would rather live in a city people move to because they love it and want to be a part of it. I think if more people who love Portland buy locally, we could really do a lot for PDX jobs! ( Says the girl who spent a fat wad this weekend at IKEA to update the apartment, more on this later . . . )


2 thoughts on “Supportland

  1. Thanks for the mention (says the girl that’s co-founder of Supportland :)!

    Our goal with Supportland is to do exactly as you say and strengthen our local economy. I also hope that, as folks are more readily exposed to rad entrepreneurs through Supportland, they’ll consider starting up a business themselves. It’s fun to build a business, dang it!

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