Do you know anything about boxes?

I’m walking home from work past Couch Park, a normal hangout for neighbors and homeless people. An old black man in an electric wheelchair starts talking to me. I have no idea what he said, so I ask him to repeat it.

Man: “Do you know anything about boxes?”

Me: “Um. No?” I look around and see a shopping cart filled with cardboard boxes behind him. I ask, “Cardboard boxes?”

Man: ” No, no, NO. Boxes, you know!”

Me: Inching away confused.

Man: “Please help me with the box.” He points to his wheelchair

Me: I get closer and ask, “Your wheelchair? I’m not sure I can help.”

Man: “No, the box. Right here.” Points toward his feet/crotch.

Me: I lean in a bit and look toward his feet and feel like I know where this is going and it is nowhere good.

Man: Waves a remote control around. “No no no. In the front.”

Me: Walking around to the front of the wheelchair, I see a boombox under the man’s feet. I ask, “This box?”

Man: Looking at me like I am a complete and utter idiot he says, “Yes.”


Me: After a brief investigation, I realize his CD has finished playing. I ask the man if he would like me to restart the CD. He says yes. I press play. Very loud 80s hip hop bursts from the stereo and I back away startled. The man looks satisfied and I figure he can handle it from here. A few homeless people sitting around seem to be enjoying the music.

2 thoughts on “Do you know anything about boxes?

  1. Wow. Good Samaritan on the month! That could have turned out veeeery badly, but I’m glad you brought the joy of 80’s rap to those less fortunate 😉

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