Money Plans

I love planning finances. It’s gotten a lot harder on my own without parental support or a high paying job. But I still see a lot of value in planning out my finances, especially since Andy and I now share a bank account to pay our joint expenses with. When we got back from Spain, we decided to keep our own personal accounts and then we both started adding money into our new joint account every month. That way, we can buy groceries/eat out/pay rent without trying to figure out who’s turn it is to pay up. It’s been working out great thus far. I’ve also started my first Roth IRA which is a little intimidating but I went through TIAA-Cref, which is a totally awesome company and they walked me through everything I needed to know about my IRA and about other options for someone in my “fiscal” shoes.

So as someone who loves to plan finances, I inherently adore the concept behind I started using mint in college and my use tapered off since I went to Spain and navigated the insanity of banks there. Ugh. Banking in Spain led to me carrying almost two thousand dollars in cash in my money belt the whole way back home. 20 hours of travel time and a day in Barcelona with 1.5″ of bills hovering below my belly button = stress ball Jessica. Spanish Banks also are only open from roughly 9 am to 1pm during the week. Trying to get to the bank on a work day was a challenge best navigated by taking the day off and then planning a nap immediately after said visit to the bank.

Mint is a great resource for people who want a little help in money management. The website offers  a bunch of cool budgeting tools to help you track the way you spend your money each month. It also just launched a goals section on their website. I promptly set a goal of a trip to Spain in two years, bulking up my emergency fund this year, and buying a house in ten years. The monthly contribution amounts are all laid out for you and you decide which account your goal is linked with. So here’s hoping I’ll be back in Spain two years from now!


2 thoughts on “Money Plans

    • Free. And you have to use your own banking account login info so be prepared. Basically do the opposite of what you would normally do in any other situation. Lol.

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