My Crazy Neighbor: Part II

Background: It’s the fourth of July holiday weekend. Andy and I are in our pajamas on the couch lounging. We’re been hearing the sounds of moving all morning. Some sounds of talking come from the hallway. We start listening in.

Mother: Hi. I’m sorry if we’re being loud. We’re moving my daughter’s stuff in today. We’ll be going up and down the stairs. She lives in #9.

Crazy Neighbor: Hi. Heard your party last night.

Mother: Um. No? We weren’t here last night.

CN: Well someone was up in that unit having a party. Maybe it was your daughter.

Mother: Well, we just went and picked her up from the airport last night. She hasn’t even been here actually. I have no idea who could have been up there.

CN: Well someone was.

Mother: I’m the only one with a key, so that’s very strange.

CN: Yeah well, it’s a small building so I think I know what I heard.

Mother: Um.

CN: I have to go. *goes back into apartment, closes the door and locks it quickly.

Mother: Oh.

Andy and I go out to check the mail and offer a friendly smile and wave to the mother. Later she knocks on our apartment trying to figure out where the key for the trash bins is kept. Andy helps her and reassures her and her husband that the CN is relatively harmless. I’m not so sure. Apartment search continues.


2 thoughts on “My Crazy Neighbor: Part II

    • Oh man. Now it’s serious. She really is crazy. Lucky for me she tends to dive into her apartment if we’re both in the hallway . . . gotta move.

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