On the Bookshelf

To Read: Lolita. This has been on my to-read list ever since I read some survey somewhere that listed it as the top book pick for people with the highest rated IQ. No idea why I remember that odd piece of information. Everything I’ve heard about Lolita has made me even more intrigued. I’m not too sure it will become my favorite book, but I have high hopes for it. The librarian told me it was “just beautiful.”

To Read: The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working was highly reviewed on amazon, which caught my eye, and I’m interested in reading it because it covers a lot of the ground I think about in terms of employees’ relationships with their work. Especially after living in Spain, I think a lot about the role employers play in the US. We’ll see how much I actually get into it, but I think it will at least be entertaining.

Recently Read: The Oracle Betrayed was a quick read picked up from the young adult section in the library. I enjoyed Catherine Fisher’s other book, Incarceron, so I tried out this one. It was nicely paced and I thought the characters were fun. It’s set in an imagined place based on ancient Greece/Egypt. I read most of it sitting in the rose gardens of Washington Park last night after work. Perfect!

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