To Do

As a habitual list maker, I am in the habit of making life lists. And here’s some things that are on my mind in no particular order:

1. Learn to knit

2. Finish current quilting projects and start something completely independent of a pattern.

3. Get a cat

4. Get rid of excess stuff

5. Travel, travel, travel. Spain, East Africa, Southeast Asia, Glacier National Park

6. Save for travels

7. Save for a house

8. Foster friendships both independent from and within my relationship with Andy

9. Figure out if I want to be a teacher

10. Start volunteering in our community

11. Garden

12. Keep a fitness routine

13. Watch less TV

14. Make most Christmas presents by hand

15. Listen to new music

16. Live in the present moment

17. Get back to the UU church more often

18. Host dinner parties

19. Read the classics (Lolita – I will read you.)

20. Figure out how to spend rainy days in a little apartment

21. Finish my current painting and start the next one on my mind. This time the color will be realistic. This is the original:


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