On the Bookshelf

Currently Reading: Unwind is an eerie tale of a world  that “unwinds” teens to take their various body parts. It’s a strange idea but a quick read. It hasn’t yet grabbed me emotionally but I find it intriguing to think about. Everlost is another book I have at home by the same author so maybe I’ll like that one better.

Recently Read: The Sweetheart of Prosper County is a quick read about a young woman who decides to become a hood ornament in the “No-Jesus” Christmas Parade in order to overcome her complacency in the face of high school mediocrity. It’s fun and frothy and worthwhile on a rainy June day, which is exactly when I read it.

To Read: Vampire Academy. I know I know. More vampires. The genre has definitely gotten way too much tv/media coverage recently. I’m by no means sold on the vampire genre but I’m on a roll with the young adult books, partly because I can start and finish them after work. I’m not expecting much from this book but it will probably still be fun. Updates to come.

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