Wli Falls, Tallest Waterfall in West Africa

Today is my 24th birthday. I feel almost as good as when I took the photo to the left at Wli Falls in Ghana in 2008. The best part of my birthday thus far has been the tremendous outpouring of love from all my family and friends. Changing my blog header made it all sink in. The header is a photo Andy took while we were in Dubrovnik, Croatia last summer. Boy that was a beautiful place. Full of sun, gardens and crystal clear water. But everything was up and down stairs, hence the view we had of the city while taking this photo from our hostel’s terrace. Looking forward to my 24th year and all that it brings.

P.S. Today I decided to go to work even though it’s my birthday. What can I really say except that I love my job. Things I’ve done so far: Received a birthday ride to work, checked my birthday facebook messages, received birthday texts, went to a birthday pilates class (I wimped out a few extra times because hey, it’s my birthday!), checked my facebook messages again and was completely overwhelmed by the well-wishes from my friends, ate birthday cupcakes in the conference room and talked about fun stuff like frosting, played with my new birthday paddleball from a student worker, drank a birthday coffee. It’s been a wonderful day and everyone at work has been so nice.

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