On the Bookshelf

To Read: Andy had only good things to say about Wesley the Owl. It’s currently in my purse and I think I’ll start it on the streetcar ride home from work today. He warned me that it is really sad so I’m a bit nervous about it because I get unduly emotional when reading.

Recently Read: The Handmaid’s Tale is startling in many ways. For some reason, I thought I was reading a totally different book when I checked it out on Friday but I was completely ensnared right as I began reading. It evokes the same emotions as Blindness, The Road, Brave New World and 1984. I really enjoyed Margaret Atwood’s style and the pace which the story moved along. The story is both sentimental and brutal. If you enjoy thinking about a dystopian future, you will probably enjoy The Handmaid’s Tale.

Recently Read: Peaches is a sweet story that those who enjoyed The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants will probably love. I read it in one evening after work and it tells the story of three teens who come together on a peach farm and become friends. It was tender and surprisingly realistic when delving into the pain teens inflict on one another. I enjoy reading young adult lit now so I enjoyed this book.

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