Cooking for Two

Cooking for two is less of a challenge than cooking for one. When I was in college living with my great friend Rachael, I ate the worst food in my life! And I hated cooking for one. Now, in my apartment in Portland, I’ve built up a recipe box and a general knowledge base of food and cooking so I feel comfortable putting together a good meal. Yesterday I made falafel using a dried mix with an Indian food packet from Trader Joes served with spinach, orange bell pepper, and hummus. It was a good meal that filled both Andy and I up without leaving us feeling heavy. Tonight I put together the last of our smoked salmon we bought at the Farmer’s market in a burritto. I sauteed onions, mushrooms, bellpeppers with refried beans and a three bean mix. I put it together with whole wheat tortillas, cilantro, white cheddar, avacado, fresh onion and salsa. It was awesome! I’m excited to make breakfast burritos tomorrow and add in some eggs. Yum!

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