Mother’s Day Weekend

Wine Tasting with Mom a Couple Years Ago

This weekend was spent cleaning like crazy on Saturday. Don’t worry, I left the windows open so I could experience the rare sun blast. I scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom and powered through the laundry while listening to the ever awesome lady gaga channel on pandora. Despite my interest in green cleaning, I discovered that bleaching the kitchen sink and toilet is such an effective method to clean that I’m not sure I can ever go back to the white vinegar. It just doesn’t provide the bleach-y sheen of white. After cleaning, I made a tasty batch of whole wheat muffins and an asparagus and smoked salmon quiche that turned out fabulously. Andy and Ben went on a long bike ride so I walked to the park to read. I checked my mail just before leaving and found a new Real Simple waiting just for me. Perfect timing! My mom came up on Sunday and we went to WINCO and out to lunch at Salvador Molly’s. We fully intended to go to the Japanese gardens but time slipped away and we ended up spending most of our time grocery shopping. It was fun though and the weather was on our side. I bought kale and beets at WINCO so kale chips and beet soup are now on my agenda for cooking sometime this week.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Weekend

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