Opera Fail

Opera fail. Sara and I really did try to enjoy the opera last night. We met at my place and had a tasty blueberry, cranberry pecan salad with bread, cheese and olives. We got dressed and drove over and got to Keller Auditorium right before the show started. And that was right about when the failures started. 1. An opera dress rehearsal means that the singers sometimes “mark” their parts by singing half-volume. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me the entire draw of opera is hearing the insane volume they can generate and listening to quiet opera was just plain anti-climatic. 2. The audience was mostly young students (4-10 years old) seated in the highest balcony, where we were, and without the sophisticated opera crowd to draw us into the show, there was a lot of hesitant clapping and laughing. 3. Either there weren’t enough supertitles or we just had no idea what was going on because Sara and I kept looking at each other in total confusion. Singing in Italian is one thing. Not enough English translations to follow the plot is something else entirely. So intermission hit and we scrambled out of the theater and headed home. I’m glad we went because the tickets were free and it solidified my belief that I just don’t like opera. And I’m fine with that.


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