Stormy Weather

Today it was rainy and cold. I was very glad to be working inside. Inspired by the weather, I made a big pot of split pea when I got home. This time I made it without using a recipe. I went with the standard base of onions, carrots and celery. I honestly haven’t ever disliked this combo of ingredients in a soup (save a few like french onion). I added a heavy dash of rosemary. Instead of using potatoes, which I don’t really like, I used a cup and a half of lentils which I added at the same time as the split peas. Simmered for an hour and a half and then served with parmesan and crunched up cheddar crackers on top. Really turned out well. I’m glad I’ve gotten to the point where I feel pretty comfortable creating my own dishes. The internet has been crucial in guiding me to outstanding recipes and showing me images of how the food is supposed to turn out, but it feels pretty great to plan and execute on my own.

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