Home Again

I’ve been living in Portland now since August. I found a job after only a few weeks at the Department of Music at Portland State. I’ve been blessed with terrific coworkers who make working in an office a fantastic experience. Even after seven months, I know office work is not really where I want to be. However, working for the state has provided me with great benefits that I’ve in turn been able to share with Andy. We are officially “domestic partners.” Thank goodness for the benefits too because he’s been in the hospital twice with ulcerative colitis flare-ups ever since we moved back. I’m happy to report that he’s back on track now. He was working at a doggie day care in a bad situation because the pay was horrible and he had a pretty tremendous case of a mico-managing boss. Now he’s training as a universal banker at US Bank and gearing up to start a Masters of Education at PSU using my awesome 70% discount on tuition. I’ve been spending a lot of my time reading and hanging out in Portland. We have repeatedly been surprised at the fun things Portland has to offer and I feel very glad we made the decision to move here. It’s springtime now and I’m really looking forward to the warm summer months. Last weekend we hosted a fun little get-together with some close friends to celebrate our five years together. Our apartment has really gotten comfy although both Andy and I would like to get a cat so we keep our eyes open.


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