Birthday, Finishing Up and Packing

An End of May List

1. My birthday was a wonderful surprise party that all my roommates and Andy planned out. They whisked me away to a friend’s house in the countryside with fantastic views and a gorgeous pool and we swam and bbq’ed all day. It was magnificent.

2. I finished my last days of work with a bit of fanfare. Angel at Miquel Porcel threw me a surprise party with both 5th grade classes I worked with all year. There was a bunch of yummy food and quite a bit of surprise on my end. It was a good time. And Laurence at Joan Miro got every one of my students that I taught to sign a big thank you card that was very sweet.

3. We began packing today for our three week adventure that we are leaving for tomorrow. We’ll be flying to Istanbul where we’ll meet my friend Rachael and then we’ll all be traveling through Greece, Croatia and Italy together. I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time now and it definitely helped me get through some of the sadness I was occupied from at the thought of never seeing my students again.

4. I applied for an AmeriCorps community outreach program in a low-income school in Portland that begins in August. I have no idea what kind of chance I have given that I will only be available for an online or phone interview but I decided to apply anyway. I’ll hear more about the process in the upcoming weeks and I will keep you updated.


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