A May List

1. Barcelona was incredible. We stayed in an adorable (by that I mean cute and tiny) apartment right next to the super busy ramblas.

2. We watched the most exciting soccer match-up at a recommended bar and Barça creamed Madrid 6-2! We also watched as all of the drunk bar goers flooded the streets and celebrated.

3. We successfully navigated the Barcelona bus and metro system to get to the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and the airport.

4. We fit in some beach time on the Barcelona coast which mostly consisted of people watching and listening to chants of “Cerveza Cold Beer, Cerveza Cold Beer” from the guys carrying coolers.

5. We started planning for our whopper of a trip in June which mostly consists of trying to navigate the complexities of a badly translated ferry system and saving up as much money as possible.

6. I made two spreadsheets in excel. One to keep track of jobs I have applied for or am interested in and one to keep track of apartments we look at in Portland. They are named Job Hunter and Apartment Hunter. Andy says that when you pronounce them, you must whisper.

7. The sun has finally come to stay in Palma and it’s supposed to reach 80 degrees this weekend so I am gearing up for some major beach time!

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