Joyous news in Palma! Although it’s rainy and cold outside, Andy and I have been planning up a storm inside and we finally booked our tickets for an amazing trip in June. We officially leave June 2nd and fly to Istanbul. From there we meet up with my friend Rachael and travel to Greece, Southern Italy (Naples, Pompeii), Croatia and finally up to Northern Italy (Venice and Milan) where we fly back home on the 25th. Wow! I think it will be a trip to remember. I couldn’t sleep very much last night because of excitement over the whole thing. We also counted up the money we’ve been saving from tutoring and we were both pleasantly surprised at the sum.

So, next week we leave for our Spring holidays on Thursday. We’ll fly to Rome, travel through Tuscany, Florence and the coast and then back to Rome. Overall, we’ll have 10 days of Italian adventuring! So I am also gearing up for that trip now. In other news, my students seem to be progressing very well as I am consistently hearing English being applied in the classroom. That makes my job here truly worthwhile.

This past weekend, my friend Ashley who we stayed with in London came to visit us and we had a grand time exploring Palma and even hit the beach on Friday. It was a great weekend and it was nice to return the favor of a place to stay for her. Hopefully we’ll have more friends come and visit as it continues to heat up here.

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