My Life Plan, In Progress

Today I have the day off so I’ve decided to engage in a bit of life planning. Serious stuff. One of Andy’s friends from his last trip to Spain sent an enlightening email about the status of job hunting back home and it sounds pretty much awful. I have faith that if we really wanted to go home and find jobs, we would. These things always take time and I’m sure that it would just take some extra time to find something. But with the pressure of student loans looming and the urge to find a job with health insurance plans, I’m starting to think a bit outside the box. And thus, I sent an email today to a recruiter for an English teaching program in South Korea. The company recruits for Korea, Taiwan and China. I am most interested in Korea because I have friends that have taught there and had amazing experiences. I emailed the recruiter inquiring about teaching in public schools because I really don’t want to teach at a language school. I would prefer the challenges and age ranges of a public school. So we’ll see what he says. I also asked him about the health insurance coverage for Mr. Holmes. Hopefully he’ll be able to enlighten me. But honestly, the program pays fairly well with rent and plane tickets and health insurance included so I feel that I owe it to myself to at least look into it. I think it could be a really amazing adventure and I am always up for adventures. So perhaps the economy failing will end up being just the push I need to change things up even more and continue on my travels. We’ll have to wait and see. But I honestly think it could be really great. I’ll keep you updated.

Here’s the website that I was looking at for placement:

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