I may or may not have been struck by lightning

So here’s the deal. The weather here in Palma today is outrageously bad and ugly. It has been pouring all day with various spurts of thunder, rain, hail and wind. So I bundled up to go to work and took the toasty warm bus to my stop where I walk an additional 15 minutes or so to get to my school. On rainy days it can be a bit of a bummer, especially because I walk on an overpass above the train tracks and the wind gets a little nasty that high up. Well, I made it to school with only the tops my shoes getting wet but the heat was off so it was pretty cold in our classroom. Even the kiddies wore their coats. Angel the English teacher was super busy so he left me alone with the 5th grade math students to administer a test. Not that big of a deal except that the first class I worked with was out of control and had no qualms about yelling the answers and whispering insults in spanish at each other. But I got it done and luckily the class is always held in the computer lab so I sent the devils to the computers when they finished and paced around to keep warm. The English classes later in the day were more enjoyable because they practiced their song to sing for the Christmas concert on Monday. And all of the music is from Momma Mia. Love it. So we learned “I have a dream” by ABBA. Fantastic.

Now to the good part. It was absolutely pouring down rain when I left the school and it was the end of the school day so I elbowed my way through several layers of concerned parents holding umbrellas outside waiting for their little ones to arrive. I booked it toward the bus while keeping an eye on the ever-increasing level of water on the road because of the possibility of being drenched by a car’s spray. So I was running/power walking and at the top of the overpass a car honked at me and just then a big spark flew off my umbrella and my fingers were shocked as a huge clap of thunder banged overhead. I don’t think I was struck by lightning because it really didn’t hurt all that bad but I was so crazed by the weather and the circumstances that I slammed my umbrella closed and picked up my pace toward the bus while screaming at the top of my lungs, “My life is a joke!” I felt a bit better after some screaming and then it started hailing so I continued yelling while glaring at my lightning rod umbrella dangling uselessly in my hand while I got soaked through and through. So I may have been struck by lightning. But everything is fine now.


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