When Friends Come to Visit, Thanksgiving

Rachael is here! We’ve known each other since middle school from the Unitarian Universalist Youth Group and now we are here in Spain together. She arrived on Thanksgiving night and although Andy and I missed her at the airport, we all ended up back together to celebrate a Thanksgiving dinner at the American Diner here in town. I had a salad and Rach had a club sandwich while everyone else ate turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and pumkpin pie. It was a noisy and fun dinner.

But, yesterday we made our own family-style dinner and it was absolutely fabulous. The kitchen got crazy with six people moving in and out but we took turns talking to our family’s on skype while peeling potatoes and chopping onions. We wanted to make a Thanksgiving meal for ourselves so we cooked garlic-cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, corn, turkey, gravy and pear crumble. It was a great success and we gorged ourselves properly in between many glasses of wine. By the end of dinner, we were so comatose that Rach and I ended up laying down and talking about all of our different experiences of working with kids, interacting with roommates, speaking in Spanish and the future travels we want to go on together. It lifted my spirits tremendously to talk with such a great friend who is having such a similar experience as I am. And we fell asleep on the single mattress together. It was lovely.

Today we slept in and then watched a pirated version of Quantum of Solace because the weather was totally wretched. The windows shook with rain and wind and the sky was a nasty shade of dark grey until afternoon but we just cuddled up on the couch and enjoyed taking it easy. Then we walked down the block to a bar with crepes and gorged ourselves again with yummy crepes and we just got back from walking down to the cathedral. The cathedral dates from the 14th century although it took 400 years to build. The complexity of the building is hard to comprehend when you stand at the base but we wandered around to the entrance and managed to get in a walk around for a half an hour until services started. The height of the ceiling alone was astonishing. We stayed for a bit of the service and it was nice for me to discover that I understood a bit of what the priest was saying. Now we are back at home eating some tasty leftovers and gearing up for a fun night out on the town tonight.

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