Internet! and preparing for hallowe’en shenanigans

So today the nice internet man came and we adopted a brand new baby router complete with internet and all the extra goodies. We couldn’t be happier about this addition to our family here in Palma. But in a seriousness, we were tired of pirating signals from around our neighborhood and now I am writing this blog from our lovely living room and it feels great.

Today at school I helped the Kindergarters paint pumpkin masks while attempting to keep them from painting themselves. I stapled newspaper “legs” onto a spider “body” made of black trash bags filled with more newspaper. I helped paint such legs black and miraculously avoided transferring the black paint that covered all the students onto my white top. I also met Jill, the parent of two of our students who hails from Manchester. She is an English teacher who speaks no Spanish but she loves living in Palma and it was great getting to know another person who is new to Palma. I also taught the sixth graders how to complete a crossword puzzle with hints like “What goes bump in the . . . ” and “Halloween month.” But the highlight of my day was my attempt at explaining a haunted corn maze to the skeptical sixth graders while jumping around the classroom, flailing my arms and yelling. And that was just the lead-in to the best part of the day. The climactic moment of my day was when three of the observant girls in the back of the room signaled me over and looked at me for awhile, while formulating their question. And then they just said, “What was that?” in Spanish of course. And they started flailing and yelling and I started laughing and realized how rediculous my life is sometimes here in Palma. I tried explaining in English again but all I really got through to them was Halloween. But, I will be dressing up Friday and thus will continue my reign of terror whilst yelling and flailing.


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