Apartment Hunting in Palma

I am working on getting an address ASAP! We had a very busy first day in Spain yesterday although it was quite productive. Upon our arrival, Bea, our gracious couch surfing hostess, warmly welcomed us into her home and became our official first friend in Palma. She is absolutely wonderful and even set out biscuits and coffee scups for us the next morning before she headed out for work. We took the bus into town and set about orienting ourselves and finding a bank to exchange our money into euros. It rained almost all day so that was a bit of a mood buster but we made it through. I was starving so we snagged some food at a middle eastern food stand. I ate cheese pizza and it hit the spot. We wandered aimlessly a bit and finally located a cell phone store but they were closed! At two in the afternoon. Both Andy and I forgot that in Spain the siesta plays a big role during the day and many stores are closed from 1:30 to 4ish. So we did the only conceivable thing. We went home and took a siesta.

After our brief nap, we walked along the beach and admired the lovely clear waters and delightful little sea shells that lined the beach. Bea took us out for the night and we drank a tasty concoction of Gin and Limonade. I can´t say enough about how grateful we are to have met such a great person right off the bat here in Spain. She got her masters at U Mass so she speaks great English. Today, things are going great here. It´s sunny instead of rainy today which makes me so so happy. Bea, our hostess, took us out last night and it was a really fun time. She is our very first friend here on Palma which I just love. Andy and I have an appointment to see an apartment today at 2 so hopefully that goes pretty well. I´ll keep you updated. I´m hoping I can go swimming sometime today because the water is gorgeous and with the sunshine, warm enough to swim. Bea´s apartment is just a block away from the water too!!! : ) Our flights went smoothly although still no sign of Andy´s bag. The island is friendly and welcoming so far so things are going very well.

One thought on “Apartment Hunting in Palma

  1. Jessica, My name is Julie Nelson and I am an undergrad at the UofO, in the Jschool. I am currently writing my InfoHell paper on Wave Energy and Mark Blaine sent me in your direction. I’m not a blogger – so I had no idea how to contact you, other then leaving a comment. By the content of you posts you seem very busy and understandably so. I was wondering if there was any chance of us getting in touch through e-mail and possibly asking you a few questions. Well , thanks for your time – I’m off to the library to check out The Oregon Coast Magazine. Hope to here from you soon. Julie Nelsonjnelson7@uoregon.edu

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